Ashley Robinson OAM

Creative Arts On The Sunshine Coast

I’M FRUSTRATED at the number of talented, creative Sunshine Coast residents forced to leave our region to further their careers in the creative arts industries. I want them to be able to follow their dreams right here.

My vision is to invigorate the region’s creative landscape. I want to encourage filmmakers, artists and television producers by implementing a simple, standardised permit application process, a local liaison for effective communication, and subsidies to encourage local talent.

I will expand the Regional Arts Development Fund, with specific funding categories for film, visual arts, music and dance, thereby ensuring diverse participation.

My Council will establish a creative hub in Caloundra, promote awareness of existing facilities, and support the Sunshine Coast Screen Collective in developing a studio.

I will develop a robust communication strategy for Council-supported initiatives, facilities, and industry opportunities that exist in the local community so everyone is aware of what is available and happening. 

And I will consider employing somebody with creative arts expertise, ensuring my Council is equipped to make informed decisions.

Finally, I will prioritise collaboration, foster local talent, and insist on clear communication. I want to make the Sunshine Coast an inclusive and vibrant arts community, and transform our region into a thriving hub for creativity.