Ashley Robinson OAM

Tuesday, February 20

It was a tough night at the office last night at the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Forum.

It was not what I expected – candidates making motherhood statements, but no opportunity to refute anything they said. Fool me for not paying attention.

I thought there would have been questions regarding parking in Caloundra CBD as I have spoken to traders who all have concerns about parking. Should the meters be three hours with the first hour free, or none at all?

Is it possible to clean up and man the transit building, where the free parking is, with lighting and make traders feel safe parking there with more CCTV?

Anyway I learnt something last night about campaigning, but I will still take the line I have consistently been saying through this campaign – I will not promise anything just to get elected and I will not take credit for things I haven’t done.

Hey, do me a favour. If you were there last night or someone told you what was said just check the facts on a few things. You might get a surprise.


Not sure why this group picked me to blame for failing our native animals, although I have to agree everyone has failed our wildlife.

I should know. I have watched my wife and her friends volunteer for years saving wildlife. But whoever did this, don’t just pick on me. But in saying that, if I can help to limit the damage let me know – whether I am elected or not.


I visited the Farmers Market at Caloundra at the weekend and caught up with Kel from Kicker Coffee, Stuart from Wellcat Maleny and Eudlo ‘banana king’ Lindsay.

I went to school in Eudlo with Lindsay, even though he looks 10 years younger than me.

Hey, if you want to have a chat, I’ll be back next week at 7am. See you there and hopefully I can help.